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Joel Conway/Flying A Studios Photograph Collection, 1912-1917 (SBHC Mss 78)


300+ of glass plate negatives of actors, actresses, and film sets from Flying A Studios, a movie studio based in Santa Barbara from 1912- 1917.

Bernard Herrmann Papers, 1927-1977 (PA Mss 03)


over 100 photographs of famed film composer Bernard Herrmann.

These photographs are from Series II of the Bernard Herrmann collection, located in…

Arthur London Gold Coast Photographs, 1910-1920 (Bernath Mss 315)


600+ black and white photographs, most taken by Arthur London of scenes in and around Kumasi from 1909- 1921. There also are photographs of the…

Lotte Lehmann Collection, 1880s-1976 (PA Mss 02)


Several home movies featuring opera star Lotte Lehmann.

Lotte Lehmann was born Charlotte Sophie Pauline Lehmann on February 27, 1888, in…

Mildred Couper Papers, 1897-1974 (PA Mss 45)


Several original scores by composer Mildred Couper.

American composer and pianist Mildred Couper was one of the first musicians to experiment with…

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Audio Archive (Mss 18)


1000+ audio recordings made by the Center for the Democratic Institutions(CSDI) between 1958- 1987.

During that time CSDI brought together many…

Kearny Street Workshop Archives (CEMA 33)


100+ poster prints by Kearny Street Workshop artists

Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) is a nonprofit agency in San Francisco, California and the…

Carl R. Rogers Collection, 1902-1990 (HPA Mss 32)


A few photographic portraits of famed psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers.

Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987) was a psychologist and psychotherapist who…

John S. Kiewit Photography Collection (Mss 228)


1000+ photographs by photographer John S. Kiewit.

The images reflect what Kiewit saw on his travels throughout California and the West, as well…

Vogue Picture Discs


Digitized surrogates of 12 Vogue picture records from the Todd collection. Approximately seventy-four titles were produced by Sav-Way Industries of…