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John Kiewit: Gone to Sanctuary

Photographer John S. Kiewit (1948- 2000) grew up in California and spent his life documenting his travels in the state and beyond.  Kiewit found inspiration in the works of photographers such as Edward Weston and Walker Evans, and loved wandering the back roads of the American West with his camera.

In 1997, John Kiewit's book Gone to Sanctuary: From the Sins of Confusion, featuring 120 of his photographs, was published by Santa Barbara's Capra Press. The book was well-received, and led to some gallery exhibitions of his work.

The exhibit features most of the works published in this book.

Vogue Picture Discs

This exhibit contains a selection of 12 Vogue picture records from the Todd collection.  Approximately seventy-four titles were produced by Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Michigan from May 1946 through August 1947 which are highly prized by collectors for their colorful designs. Images from some of the discs are reproduced here.