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Browsing the Collections

View All Items

You may browse all items by clicking the "View all Items" tab and clicking through the many pages of items in our digital collections. From the "View All Items" menu, you may also select the "Browse by Tag" tab, and click on any keywords that interest you. For example, if you selected the term "California" all items featuring California would appear.

Browse Map

Many items in the collection have been geotagged. To view those items on a map, click the "Browse Map" tab, and up to 50 items will appear on the map. Page through the geotagged results to see more! If you would like to learn more about a specific item, click either the name of the item on the left hand list or the dot on the map to see more information.

Browse Collections

If you click the "Browse Collections" tab, a list of collection titles with a brief description will appear. To learn more about a collection, click on either the collection name, or "View the items in the collection" link.

Searching the Collections

Basic Search

A simple keyword search can be performed by entering a term into the search box at the top right of any page.

Advanced Search

The advanced search option provides a variety of more powerful and focused searching. Advanced searches include:

Search a specific field
Searches can be restricted to a variety of fields, such as title, creators and subjects. To select a specific field, use the drop down menu to select the field you wish to search and then select one of the following options: contains, does not contain, is empty, or is not empty. Lastly enter a term and click "search" to view results.

Search by a range of I.D. numbers
If you have seen an item before and already know its identification number, you may use this number to relocate the item. The identification number appears at the end of the url of an item page or in the citation field of a specific digital object.

Search by Collection
To limit a search by collection, select the collection you would like to view from the drop down menu "Search By Collection."

Search by Item Type
This type of search is helpful if you would like to limit your search to only sound recordings, still images, moving images, etc. To limit your search, select the item type from the drop down menu labeled "Search by Type."

Search By Tags
The best way to use tags is to browse them (see above on browsing), but you may also search the tags for specific terms. Please note that if a term does not produce any results there could be several reasons: 1) the collection does not contain any items with the content you seek, 2) no such tags have been used, or 3) a similar term was used to tag items instead.

You may search the collections to find items in a specific geographic location. In the "Geographic Address" field you may enter a specific address (as you would in a google maps search box), a city and state, or even geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude). Then enter a number in the "Geographic Radius (miles)" field to limit results within a certain number of radial miles from the location you previously entered. Press search to view results.

Listening to Sound Recordings

To listen to sound recordings, like those in the Center for the Study of Democratic Institution Archive, you will need the free QuickTime software installed on your computer to listen to the streaming files. To get QuickTime, click the link below to download and install the software:

Get Quicktime Now!

You will need administrative privileges on your computer to install and configure the software. If you are on a computer where you don't have administrative privileges, contact your systems administrator for assistance.

Rights and Permissions

The materials on this website have been made available for research, teaching and private use. For these purposes, you may reproduce (print, make photocopies, or download) materials from this website without prior permission on the condition that you provide proper citation of the source in all copies (see below "Citing Items in the Collection" for more on this).

Please contact the UC Santa Barbara Library to request permissions to reproduce materials for any other purpose (i.e. publish in a book or magazine, or post on a website), or to obtain information regarding the copyright status of a particular digital object. Please include the citation(s) of the items you would like to use in your request.

Each item has a specific rights statement, which can be found on each item page. It is useful to consult this statement before using or reusing an item in any way.

Citing Items in the Collection

At the bottom of each item page there is a field called "Citation." Please use this information to site an item from the UCSB Digital Collections.