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Jan. 21st 1911.Grand. simple/well--guess. Ican't express myself.well.--This is real grand.I want to say volumes about this dear one.Turn it upside down to see the reflection.ah.--what longings this gives me. I amso pleased with this dearie &…

Nov. 24th 1910Where's the "Daug." A. what?Real saucy[?] bounder that's what you areI am printing one for myself.saucy chairs too.I say London You lookreal fat here.Oh. sauce[?]. the more I look at itthe more I say "Sauce" [?] with a grinaround my…

Arthur's Grave "Kumasi"
Bantama Cemetry Gold Coast
Feb. 8th 1920


"Arry" [?] "obbs" [?] D.C. Arthur & Kintampoo [Kintampo] Zongo Gold CoastNov. 1919

Edith and Arthur London on road by Mampong Scarp. Inscription by Edith London.

Location unknown--likely near Kumasi.