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The poster features three men wearing Philippine indigenous garb and carrying weapons. They are situated in front of a green background. The "Muslim" is wearing dark green pants, a light green low-cut top, and a red pointed cap and he is shown…

The poster features six figures in black silhouette riding bicycles on a brown and orange hilly landscape. The background consists of an orange sun, an orange and yellow sky, and white clouds. The poster is a calendar page for the months of July,…

The white and purple poster features a calendar of events for the Japantown Art and Media Workshop. At the top right corner, there are side profiles of two men's faces. There is an arch in between them that surround a circular formation of ocean…

A black/white photograph of an art exhibition at the Jackson Street Gallery.

A black/white photograph of a woman smiling and seated at a pottery wheel. Her hands are covered in clay.

The poster features a black/white photograph of nine men and one woman sitting. Some members in the group are holding cameras. There is also a dog in the image. Text written on the back reads, "San Francisco 3/7, #542-546 KSW, G. Weber."

A black/white photograph features a group of men relaxing. Text written on the back reads: Photo Panel 7.

A black/white photograph features five men singing: one is holding sheet music, a second one is holding a microphone, a third one is playing a guitar, a fourth one is listening to the men, and the fifth one is clapping his hands.