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Joy, Blom & Scottie. Sunday morning on the steps of the "Hut" Hastings Sept. or Oct 1920

1920Joy and Blom at "the Hut" Hastings

Joy and Blom
& Caddy (the donkey.
up at the "Hut"

Blom & Joy
"Fairlight Glen"
Sept 1920

Joy and I at the top of"Fairlight Glen"HastingsSept 1920

March 1920Joybird in front garden of"The Chestnuts"

Summer 1920Taken in the"Chestnuts" GardenHastingsEnglandJackLieh [?] Muadie RexieMillie Bundy [?]

A summer group takenin The Chestnuts Garden1920Mimie [?] CoxDorisJoyDorothyGrannieAuntie EdieMillieMarthaRoyLieh [?]

Milie, Grannie and Joy bird
March 1920
"The Chestnuts"

GrannieJoybirdand E. L.March 1920The ChestnutsE. L. not long arrived from West Africa