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1203. Between Ventura and Santa Barbara, Along the Coast Highway in California. On the Roosevelt Highway (U. S. No. 101) the varying scenery, such as oil being drilled out of the ocean, makes motoring an interesting pastime in California.

On the Beach at Beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The Mecca of all who would escape the chill of winter. 350 days of sunshine. Bathing all the year.

The Boulevard along the Beach, Santa Barbara, Cal. A concrete wall and walk extends all along the ocean front forming a breakwater. The giant fan palms that adorn this walk form a most unique attraction.

Aerial view of Santa Barbara, Calif. Famed for its Mission and great natural beauty, this city of 50,000 has gained international renown for its annual Fiesta in August. Spanish architecture predominates.

The Beach at Santa Barbara Calif-

Moonlight Castle Rock, Santa Barbara, Cal.