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"outside Randall's Shanty"
about 2 miles beyond Ejura Zongo.
Starting out for a shoot on the Kintampoo [Kintampo Road
Jan. 1920

Mrs. Vesock
Self at wheel
Kudjo by bonnet of

"Whiskey Gibson's" Bungalow atEjuraTreking to EjuraJan. 1920.Self. Mrs Vecock [?] (Nurse) Partridge (European Driver[)]"Kudjo" "Cuskoo"Cuskoo;s mateour Overland and 2 cocoa [MS illegible]

"Arry" [?] "obbs" [?] D.C. Arthur & Kintampoo [Kintampo] Zongo Gold CoastNov. 1919

Myself and Arthur in
Elephant grass. Bush fire raging
Asaek [?] to Kintampoo [Kintampo]
Gold Coast
W. Africa
Nov. 1919

Edith and Arthur London on road by Mampong Scarp. Inscription by Edith London.