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Mary Miles Minter standing in the back seat of a car as part of a parade. Outfit looks like a uniform. Exterior shot. Defaced.

April 1, 1911 "Get over, who's pushin!" Another Ham sandwich pooh! what must it smell like on a sultry day. We do get a "breeze" at Margate after all, but there some folks like things hot.

Inscription by Edith London. Photo taken in Kumasi.

April 1, 1911 I like this view, it gives me a better idea of the place also & idea of the size of the "small tents."

April 1st, 1911 Quite a crowd, A[ruther]? Some of the beggars are actually grinning up at you. What say the "welsh Singer" & is that the "Chief" in the clown's Greeks." Oh. I could go on for an hour or two on "oddities." One, I seeā€¦

Inscription by Edith London.