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Skinner on Skinnerism, program 561


Skinner on Skinnerism, program 561


Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions


B.F. Skinner responds to several criticisms that have been leveled at his book 'Beyond Freedom and Dignity,' giving examples of how his theories of operant conditioning have been successful in dealing with pigeons, monkeys, and men and citing experimental evidence that behavior is caused by "contingencies of reinforcement" rather than by mental processes, states of mind, or internal feelings. Featuring Harry S. Ashmore, Alex Comfort, Frank K. Kelly, Donald McDonald, Robert Rosen, Vitali Rozynko, Joseph Schwab, Harvey Wheeler, and John Wilkinson. Skinner Series II. Jan. 17, 1972.


Kelly, Frank K., 1914-
Ashmore, Harry S.
Skinner, B. F. (Burrhus Frederic), 1904-1990
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions


Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Collection, 1950-1991 (Mss 18), Department of Special Collections at the University of California, Santa Barbara Library




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Bulk of the collection donated by the Center after it ceased operations at UCSB in 1987. Subsequent donations by Harry S. Ashmore and Otis L. Graham, Jr. , which are found in their respective sections of the Administrators' Files, 1995.

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Kelly, Frank K., 1914-, "Skinner on Skinnerism, program 561," in Digital Collections, Item #5833, (accessed February 26, 2020).